As every industry, construction and architecture are constantly changing, adapting technology and following today’s world changes. Most recently Covid-19 made the most radical changes in the industry.

With a day’s notice a lot of people had to start working from their homes. It seems this trend is here to stay. More and more houses are integrating a home – office. It is a good idea to place the office in a way to allow light, easy access and consistent air flow. Due to our hot summers that begin early, a good idea is to place the office east or north of the house so that it will allow morning light but block hot midday sun. A big window facing the garden will allow you to work while watching over the kids.

Less use of the car can lead in families owning less cars. Covid-19 decreased car use. Double parking spaces can be a thing of the past. The extra space can be used for a different purpose, i.e the office we had mentioned earlier.

During the pre-covid era people had a tendency to cook less and less. This was overturned again by covid-19. For many people more time in the house, means more time available to spend in the kitchen. The new trend is bigger kitchens with more working areas.

The gateway to the next gen. smart home. Augmented reality, holograms, virtual reality, interaction between people, will evolve in ways we cannot imagine. For this to happen, faster and more stable internet will be needed which is already here, fiber optics.

Either is a product or food a safe area to temporary keep your deliveries is a good idea. A place where people can deliver without you being needed to stay home. The ‘’delivery box’’ can be accessible from air so that drones can easily access it in the future.